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Poole's Story. Spot 1

Poole is transformed...

The story of Poole owes a lot to its watery shores.

The streets that Poole’s wool merchants knew were damp, dark and cramped. In the 1500s a visitor to Poole wrote, ‘Poole was not, in the past, a trading town but a poor fishing village. Men living here remember when all the buildings had thatched roofs.’

The wool trade remained important for centuries, but Poole was beginning to explore other cargoes. Across the Atlantic a discovery was made in the 1490s that transformed the fortunes of Poole people for hundreds of years to come. Seas thick with cod had been found off the cost of ‘Newfoundland’ – there were so many of the fish that approaching ships changed direction to avoid them!

Adventurous Poole mariners seized the opportunity and set sail to catch and trade the fish in their thousands...

What happened next? ... Go to the OLD TOWN trail hotspot between CHURCH ST and THAMES ST or enter code COD.

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