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Poole Quay

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The first adventurers

Camping under the stars

Stand on Poole Quay, look out to sea, and see Brownsea Island.

This is where the original Scouts camped out. Robert Baden-Powell, a lieutenant-general and writer, held the first camp here in 1907. Three years later boy and girl Scouts were separated, and the Girl Guides were formed. Girls and boys from different backgrounds practiced woodcraft, lifesaving and patriotism in the open air. But sadly, not as part of the same group!

In 1912 a Poole local, Olave Soames, met Robert Baden-Powell on a cruise ship. The Girl Guides and Boy Scouts donated a penny each to buy the couple a car as a wedding-gift. Both adults organised outdoor adventures worldwide. (Olave visited 111 countries during her lifetime!) Today, there are millions of scouts and guides around the globe.

More adventures on the shore?... Go to the FISHERMAN’S DOCK trail hotspot where THE QUAY turns up towards CHERBOURG ROUNDABOUT and the LIFEBOAT MUSEUM, or enter code DIRT.