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Poole's Story. Spot 3

Stormy waters and plain sailing...

You’re standing beside the Guildhall - the hub of Poole power and trade in the nineteenth century.

Even though Portugal, Italy and Spain no longer relied upon Poole for fish, not all merchants faced ruin. From 1847, local traders could transport goods to and from Poole by rail rather than boat or cart. Life for Poole people improved. Poole’s first public library and parks opened in 1887 and 1890. As civic power passed to elected officials – courts, magistrates and police – ordinary people had more say in how their lives were run. Corruption and discrimination hadn’t vanished, but things were looking up.

Guildhall was home to Poole’s markets and parties, as well as law and order. Market Street led up to its door. You can imagine the crowds, and processions that collected on this street!

What happened next? ... Go to the OLD ORCHARD trail hotspotbetween HIGH ST and OLD ORCHARD ST or enter code SHOPS.

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