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Poole's Story. Spot 5

The draw of the shore...

We have walked all the way from the dark and narrow streets of the 1500s to the clean streets of Poole in modernity.

In the 1950s council housing was built. Some people say this looked less pretty than old Poole, but it gave many families their first decent home. Through those 400 years, power and opportunity had gradually been distributed more democratically, and daily life allowed for a higher quality of living.

Look at Poole now and you see a town that makes money from leisure. People are still drawn to Poole shores. Once it was to make a living and a mark, now it’s to for fun.

So buy a stick of rock, get some fresh air, have a pint or go for a seaside stroll! You’ve completed the Story of Poole Trail!

If you have joined us at the end of the trail - start again at theMUSEUM PRECINCT trail hotpsot between LOWER HIGH ST and THAMES ST, or enter code HIDE.