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Baiter and Beyond

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Exploration and discovery

And the risks involved....

Sailing is an adventure that comes with the threat of wreck, and excavating wrecks is a risky business.

The Studland Bay Wreck lies on the seabed to the south of Poole Harbour. Some think she hit Hook Sands – Poole’s sand flats – on her way into port. The ship is a ‘caravel’ – a small, speedy ship. Caravels were used for exploring and discovering new lands in the 1400s and 1500s.


See all sorts of things salvaged from the Studland Bay Wreck, including cannon balls, in Poole Museum!

You have seen many adventures! ... Explore any of the hotspots on the online and leaflet maps.

To begin the Adventure Trail again go to the GREAT QUAY trail stop where THAMES STREET meets POOLE QUAY, and enter code QUAY.