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Oyster Shells

Food from the sea

Evidence from the past...

Fishing in Poole Fishing in Poole

Food from the sea

Poole Harbour is now seen as a playground for holidaymakers. In ancient times it was a vital resource for hunter-gatherers who lived off fish and wildfowl. This tradition remains today in the fishing fleet and fishermen who still use the harbour.

Saxon fishermen came to these shores to collect oysters which they shelled and preserved. Millions of these shells have been found in thick layers beneath Poole and Hamworthy including under this building. 

Take a look at the column of shells nearby. A thousand years ago some unknown fishermen gathered these oysters for food and left the shells behind on the shore. What was rubbish to them gives us an insight into their lives.

If you go to a place called Baiter you get a good view of the Harbour. It isn’t just humans who fish here - You may see a cormorant diving for his dinner.

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